Worm~Proof ® LCP
The Prepackaged Fluid Loss Control Pill



WORM~PROOF® LCP is a prepackaged, preengineered, environmentally safe fluid loss control/lost circulation material pill that contains ultra-fine, fine, medium, and coarse particle sized products on one pallet.

WORM~PROOF® LCP is the easy, effective answer for lost circulation issues that arise. WORM~PROOF® LCP eliminates the need to purchase multiple different products of differing products of differing particle sizes. It is preengineered and prepackaged to allow the end user to simply add one (1) pallet of material to the slugging pit for a fast, easy, and effective LCP/LCM pill. WORM~PROOF® LCP contains the following products:

    TUFF® Shield
    TUFF® Stop Fine
    TUFF® Stop Medium

The combination of these products allows the operator to quickly pump a pill with particles large enough to bridge over large pores and microfractures. The medium and fine particles in WORM~PROOF® LCP continue to form bridges between aperture left between the coarse particles in the initial cake. Finally, the ultra-fine particles continue to bridge over smaller and smaller apertures, creating a very tight, stable cake, strengthening the well bore.

WORM~PROOF® LCP saves by eliminating the need to by multiple products which prevents:

    · Purchasing three (3) different products to produce one (1) pill.
    · Increased the speed at which the operator can respond to FLC/Lost Circulation issues.
    · Having to return unused portions of pallets and paying the associated restocking fees.
    · Paying transportation fees from multiple vendors for necessary ingredients.
    · Paying transportation fees to return unused products.


Each pallet of WORM~PROOF® LCP contains a total of 1,700 lb of product per pallet. To use WORM~PROOF® LCP, simply add mud to the slugging pit and add the entire pallet through the hopper. The resulting concentrations for various volumes are listed below:

    · 60 bbl pill – 28.3 lb/bbl
    · 50 bbl pill – 34 lb/bbl
    · 40 bbl pill – 42.5 lb/bbl

Pump WORM~PROOF® LCP as a sweep or spot across a thief zone. After losses are stemmed and drilling commenced, pump 10-15 bbl sweeps of WORM~PROOF® LCP periodically to maintain loss control.

For extreme fluid loss scenarios, add 2 pallets to 80 bbl of mud for a larger, higher-concentration pill.

WORM~PROOF® LCP can also be used to spot across low pressure zones to prevent fluid losses during casing runs.

Bulldog Chemicals, LLC has supplied this bulletin for informational purposes only and makes no guarantees or warranties of any kind, expressed or implied, concerning the accuracy and use of this data. The user assumes all risk of use, storage or handling whether in accordance directions or not. Exercise due care.