Drilling Fluid

1. TUFF® Block

TUFF® BLOCK is designed as a lost circulation material to control fluid losses occurring in natural fractures less than 1mm (1,000μm) in width. TUFF® BLOCK is designed to have large particles and a PSD that will form stable bridges across large pore throats and small natural fractures in vugular formations.

2. TUFF® Fiber

TUFF® FIBER is a proprietary blend that contains both fibrous material and sized mineral material. TUFF® FIBER comes in two (2) size grades, Fine and Medium, to give targeted particle size distribution (PSD) and the ability for form strong bridges across pore throats and small natural fissures.

3. TUFF® Plug

TUFF® PLUG is designed as a lost circulation material to control fluid losses occurring in natural fractures from 1mm to 5mm (1,000μm to 5,000μm) in width. TUFF® PLUG is designed to have large particles and a PSD that will form stable bridges across natural fractures in vugular formations.

4. TUFF® Seal

TUFF® SEAL is a proprietary carbon based material that has been selectively sized to achieve optimum particle size distribution for plugging down-hole porous or fractured formations. TUFF® SEAL is thermally stable and non-expansive, has a neutral pH and does not adversely affect mud properties.

TUFF® SEAL is available in two (2) grades, Fine and Coarse. TUFF® SEAL – FINE has particles sized from 3 to 150 microns. TUFF® SEAL – COARSE has particles sized from 150 to 550 microns.

5. TUFF® Stop

TUFF® STOP is a unique, hardwood based, dense cellulose, Loss Circulation Material designed to seal fractures more quickly and effectively than traditional cellulosic LCM’s, with less impact on mud systems, well bores, or downhole tools.

TUFF® STOP is composed of carefully selected hardwood species that are compressed through a proprietary, patent pending, process of heat and pressure that produces a very durable particle that is non-compressible and non-deformable. The select hardwood particles are treated by crushing the cells and melting lignins, resulting in a fibrous material with very unique and superior performance characteristics.

6. TUFF® Sweep

TUFF® SWEEP is a proprietary blend of fibrous material and sized mineral material combined with viscosifying polymers. TUFF® SWEEP can be used as a sweep to clean deviated and horizontal wellbores as well as being used as a lost circulation pill or sweep. The addition of the viscosifying polymers gives TUFF® SWEEP the carrying capacity to clean the wellbore when used as a hole-cleaning sweep and also give TUFF® SWEEP extra carrying capacity to suspend the fibers and sized minerals, when used as a lost circulation pill or sweep, to ensure that the solids are delivered to the thief zone.

7. EXTREME LUBE® - Regular, W, and XW

EXTREME LUBE® is a blend of ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE surfactants and lubricants and is specifically formulated to be an effective alternate to oil-based lubricants where environmental constraints exist. This concentrated blend of additives offers optimal metal to metal and metal to formation lubricity without adversely affecting the properties of the drilling fluid. EXTREME LUBE® can be used in water based drilling fluids to enhance the fluid's lubricity and reduce torque and drag on drill strings.


TD MAXX is an ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE, non-hazmat drilling lubricant for use in water-based drilling fluids. It is a unique blend of surfactants, lubricant additives, and base oil that provides excellent lubrication in a variety of drilling fluids, specifically formulated to be compatible in hard water and brine based muds.

9. TUFF® Shield

TUFF® Shield is a unique, dry-flowing powder composed of a blend of aluminum silicate minerals, processed hydrocarbons, and graphite that forms a tight suspension in drilling fluids, which allows it to pass through 200 mesh screens.

TUFF® Shield is a very effective and economical additive for oil/synthetic-based muds that provides mechanical lubrication, decreases fluid loss, increases R.O.P. and reduces, or eliminates, torque spikes while drilling, thus reducing wear and tear on direction bottom hole assemblies, preventing unnecessary trips for failed tools. TUFF® Shield also performs as a fluid loss additive in water-based muds.

10. TUFF® Sticks – Soap

/> TUFF® Sticks – Soap are primarily recommended for use to increase drilling efficiency and life of the drill bits by preventing bit balling and coating drill cuttings.

11. TUFF® Sticks – SAPP

TUFF® Sticks – SAPP are recommended for use in fresh water based muds as a thinner and dispersant.