A leader in specialized drilling & completion fluid products

BULLDOG CHEMICALS®, LLC is a leader specialized drilling and completion fluid products, such as LCM’s, liquid lubricants, shale inhibitors, viscosifiers, corrosion inhibitors, and friction reducers. We offer a full line of fluid loss control (FLC)/lost circulation material (LCM) products. Our LCM products cover a particle size distribution range from 3 microns to over 3,000 microns and are made of resilient materials that optimize fluid loss control and minimize filter cake thickness.

Our lubricants are designed to minimize torque and drag while using water-based muds or oil-based muds in directional and horizontal wells. BULLDOG CHEMICALS®’ liquid lubricants are specifically designed to be compatible in all water-based drilling fluids, including salt-saturated fluids and brines and are environmentally friendly and are not Haz-Mat loads, thus minimizing transportation costs. We also offer solid, mechanical lubricants that have proven extremely effective at reducing torque and drag and increasing ROP in oil-based muds.

BULLDOG CHEMICALS®, LLC offers viscosifiers, corrosion inhibitors, and friction reducers for use in completion fluids and coiled tubing operations.


  • Shale Control
  • Well Bore Stability
  • Torque and Drag Reducer
  • Increase ROP
  • Will Not Sheen

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