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Bulldog Chemicals, LLC is and will continue to be a leader in providing superior products, service and innovative solutions for the oil and gas drilling industry. We provide environmentally responsible products and services supported by a technically oriented staff. Our goal is to maintain a safe work environment, provide consistent value to our customers, while guaranteeing environmental stewardship, integrity, and honesty.

Solutions for.

bullet. Shale Control
bullet. Well Bore Stability
bullet. Torque and Drag Reducer
bullet. Seepage Control
bullet. Increase ROP
bullet. Will Not Sheen
“I recommend the use of Contone for inhibition of shale’s in pressure transition intervals or any shale’s that are not water wet; not for gumbo. I currently use Contone in lieu of Soltex for wells that I plan for clients in the Gulf Coast region. It has been my experience that Contone will stabilize a well bore better than any competitive product when the problem is associated with unstable shale’s.” (read more »)
—   Murphy Hebert, F.J. Brown Associates, Inc.

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